Sending Email with Postal, MVC 5 and jQuery

Recently I was working on a Contact Us page for site I’m working on and decided I wanted to send the email using jQuery’s AJAX functionality, in this post we’ll take a look, step by step how I accomplished this task. First thing you’ll need to do it create a MVC 5 application, once that’s complete you’ll need to install the Postal package.

Windows 10 – My First Impression

On Wednesday, July 29th I did what a ton of other people did, I upgraded to the new Windows 10 operating system, and I figured after a couple days of use I would give my initial impressions of the new OS.

Creating your own MP3 Player Part 1: Adding files to your playlist

Recently I decided I wanted to make my own MP3 player for Windows, first just to keep my skills sharp and second because not too pleased with some of the offerings out there, so I figured why not just create my own with the features I am looking for. So as I get pieces done I will blog about it in the hopes that it can help just a single programmer out there.

HtmlHelper image helper

Even notice that there’s no helper method for images in the HtmlHelper class, you have everything just nothing for images, well that ends today.

Be careful in life

You know it’s never a good thing to try and screw a developer. We as a group stick together like glue, and when you try to screw one it’s not long before the rest of the development world knows it. When you hire someone to create you a website, always discuss price before hand that way the situation I find myself in wont ever happen to another developer.