Scrape links off HTML document

Recently I had a project to create a spider that would crawl a given site and return all the links from it. Now I know this can sound like a daunting task, especially for a new programmer, but I assure you it’s not nearly as complex as one would think. You actually have a couple different options, for the sake of this post I’m going to concentrate on two of them:

I’m baaaaaack!

I know I took a long hiatus from blogging, partially to clear my head and partially due to my work schedule. Now that my work schedule is slowing down and my head is clear I’m going to get back into writing for you all in my blog. Hope you enjoy my rantings.

Windows 8, my first impression

Two days ago I made the switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and thus far I must say I’m impressed with the new OS. I like the Start Screen, and how you can customize every aspect of it, and how you can pin/unpin items/applications from the Start Screen.

C# meet GeoLocation, GeoLocation meet C#

Today we’re going to be learning how to accomplish GeoLocation with C#. What is GeoLocation you ask, well according to Wikipedia it’s:

Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar, mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal. Geolocation may refer to the practice of assessing the location, or to the actual assessed location.

Ten C# interview questions

If you’re hiring a developer, in this case a C# developer, it can be a daunting task to tell if they’re as knowledgeable and good as they say they are. Here is a list of 10 interview questions that I think will help you decide if you’re interviewing the right (talented) person (well it should show if the candidate knows what he/she is talking about):